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Comply with Compliance Engine

Many municipalities are taking their fire prevention record management system digital. This step allows the municipality and fire prevention bureau to be more efficient and better serve the needs of the community. The way a fire prevention record management software program, similar to the widely adopted Compliance Engine, works is when the fire protection company completes a fire protection inspection, they upload the results to the the online based record management system/program. This allows for a much quicker and more efficient means of reporting fire protection inspection findings. It also allows the fire prevention bureau to be more efficient. The fire prevention bureau is able to better handle the inspection reports they are receiving and therefore feedback is often received from the fire prevention bureau regarding any issues identified on the inspection report.

Reports need to be uploaded onto these fire prevention management systems for each fire protection system your occupancy has. This could include, but is not limited to: fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, kitchen suppression systems and special hazard systems. The reports can only be uploaded by the fire protection company performing the work. These fire protection record management systems come with little cost to the municipality using the system and pass the cost onto the customer and fire protection companies. Currently the fire prevention record management systems charge the fire protection company for each fire protection report that is upload. It is the stance of Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. that we will charge a service charge to upload the reports in Jurisdictions that require the use of a fire prevention reporting software. We have decided to do this to keep our fire protection inspection prices the same and only pass on the added expense to those customers that are required to use the service.

The software programs are very efficient and provides reminders of when fire protection work and inspections are required. It also provides notification and tracks the progress of any issues found during the fire protection inspection. It shall be recognized that Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. is obligated to note any fire protection compliance issues that are discovered during the inspection. If fire protection issues are noted on the inspection report(s) we will do our best to explain the corrections that need to be addressed before we leave.

More information can be gained from The Compliance Engine website:

Please feel free to contact us to assist you with any of your fire protection questions or needs. Call us today at 815.344.4600 or send me an email directly at

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