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Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps are used in fire protection when a building's water supply is not capable of meeting the pressure demands of the fire sprinkler and/or standpipe system.  Fire pumps are often found in highrise buildings, large buildings and buildings with water supply challenges. 


Fire Pumps are a great piece of fire protection, but they require a lot of attention.  Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. can serve all of you Fire Pump needs.  


Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. provides all Fire Pump work in accordance with NFPA 20 and NFPA 25.  Let us do your fire pump testing!

Fire Pump Testing


Fire Pumps are required by NFPA 25 to be tested annually.  Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. specializes in fire pump inspections and testing.  Let our experienced and professional technicians come do your fire pump testing.  Call today for a free quote.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting


Fire Pumps serve as the driving force in your sprinkler and/or standpipe systems.  Don't let fire pumps sit out of service.  Protect your asset by properly maintaining your Fire Pump.  Contact Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. to solve your Fire Pump issues.  Fire Pump maintenance includes pump packing among other services.


Fire Pump Installation


Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. provides full fire pump installations.  Call us today for a free quote.

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