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  • Nicholas Eschner

School District Fire Protection Service Time!

Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. has been fortunate enough to acquire many School District Customers in our tenure. School District fire protection services has become one of our specialized areas. While the kids are are on summer break and the teachers are preparing for the next school year we are in the schools ensuring that they are fire safe. We are very proud to service the fire protection needs for many School Districts.

We do it all when it comes to School District fire protection services - fire alarms, sprinklers, fire pumps, kitchen suppression systems, fire doors, standpipes, emergency/exit lighting and fire extinguishers to name the big ones. If your School District is looking for a new fire protection service company let us know. We will be happy to come out and meet you to see if we can satisfy your fire protection needs.

Contact us at 815.344.4600 for your School District's fire protection needs!

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