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Fire Alarm Duct Detector Service

This time of the year can be a challenging time for duct detectors. If duct detectors have not been maintained properly during the inspections and testing, the increase in humidity and the sudden demand for the buildings air conditioning can cause these devices to go into alarm. A duct detector is a specialized smoke detector that has a sampling tube (almost like a piece of conduit with holes in it) that monitors the return air for products of combustion on any HVAC system that is capable of providing more than 2,000 CFM. Over time these sampling tubes accumulate dust which can lead to alarm activation. Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. takes the time to clean these devices during the annual fire alarm inspections, which limits the number of associated service calls with these devices. However, if you are having issues with your fire alarm's duct detectors let us help!

Contact us at 815.344.4600 for Fire Alarm Service! Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc is proudly servicing McHenry County, Lake County, Kane County, parts of Cook County and Southern Wisconsin.

Illinois Alarm Contractor Agency 127.001590

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