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Protect your Fire Sprinkler Systems from Freezing

With record cold temperatures about to hit the Chicagoland Area, it is important that you protect your fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps from freezing. NFPA 13, the Standard for Installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems requires that at least 40F be provided in all areas that are equipped with fire sprinkler protection. During these record cold temperatures it is important that you ensure that sprinklers in concealed spaces (plenum spaces, attics and exterior walls) are properly insulated and are receiving plenty of heat. If your fire sprinkler system and/or fire pump controls are in a exterior wall sprinkler riser room and/or fire pump room, ensure that the heater in the fire sprinkler riser room and/or fire pump room is functioning properly. Also, ensure that all entry vestibules that have sprinkler protection are receiving plenty of heat.

If the water based fire protection equipment is exposed to these record breaking freezing temperatures, the water inside these fire protection systems will freeze and as the ice expands, it will increases the internal water pressure in the pipe and cause the pipe to burst. Broken fire sprinkler pipes and fire protection equipment will leave you without fire protection and could cause large amounts of water damage. Prevention is always the best solution. If we can help you in anyway with your fire protection equipment and/or systems during this upcoming cold snap please call us at 815.344.4600 or visit us at

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