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Save 10% on Fire Alarm Testing!

Not only are Fire Alarm Systems required to be tested annually per NFPA 72, it is also important for the well being and longevity of your fire alarm system. At an annual fire alarm inspection, the fire alarm devices and batteries are function tested, cleaned and maintained. Issues that will cause problems down the road can be identified. A thorough and complete fire alarm inspection can help identify and eliminate situations that will cause the system to function improperly or go into a "trouble alarm" status that could jeopardize the proper function of your fire alarm system and potentially lead to a service call.

Let us help you with your Fire Alarm Inspection. Because we believe that testing fire protection equipment is so important, we will take 10 percent off the invoice of your last fire alarm inspection if you schedule your fire alarm inspection by 4/25/18. You must be a first time customer and you must mention the 10 percent off when you schedule your fire alarm inspection. Call us today to schedule your fire alarm inspection at 815.344.4600 (ext. 2).

Let Advanced Fire Protection & Safety, Inc. serve your fire protection needs.

Fire Alarm Testing

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